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About the World Road Association


The World Road Association PIARC/AIPCR was founded in Paris in the year 1908. It is the eldest international organisation in the area of road management and road transport. It is a non-governmental, research-orientated, non-profit organisation, that can be joined by countries, institutions, companies, regional authorities and individuals. Today the organisation has over 2.000 members in 140 countries of the world. There are 124 official member countries, including Austria.


The organisation’s major task is to provide a forum for experts exchanging knowledge and techniques on roads and road transportation. Therefore 20 permanent international working groups (Technical Committees – TC and Task Forces) have been established for all fields dealing with roads and road transport. On a four year term, the World Road Congress and the Winter Road Congress are organized. These are accompanied by frequent conferences and seminars. A quarterly magazine (Routes/Roads) and a wide range of scientific publications are also released to members and to the public, usefull webtools like the terminology accompany the range of products offered


For further information consult the association’s official website at www.piarc.org



The Austrian National Committee


The Austrian National Committee of the World Road Association was founded at the occasion of the World Road Congress in Vienna in the year 1973. The Austrian “Forschungsgemeinschaft Strasse – Schiene – Verkehr” (Research Association for Road, Rail and Transport) provides the secretariat for the Austrian National Committee of PIARC. The National Committees major tasks are to support Austria’s First Delegate and the Austrian members in the Technical Committees as well as to provide the exchange of road research related information between national and international level.


Since 2022 Austria’s official representative at the World Road Organisation is Mrs. Vera Hofbauer MSc from the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology. Together with the National Committee’s president and the secretary general he represents Austria in the Council of PIARC. From 2004 to 2012 the past President of the Austrian National Committee Mr. Zotter also served as the representative of all National Committees to the Executive Committee. In 2020 Mr. Alexander Walcher has been elected new president of the Austrian National Committe.


Download this leaflet informing about the National Committee.






Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Walcher (ASFINAG)



Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Fellendorf (FSV)

Baudirektor HR Dipl.-Ing. Josef Decker (Land NÖ)


Members of the Board of Trustees:          

OStbR Dr. Peter Lux (Stadt Wien)

Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Engleder (Stadt Wien)

Mag. Matthias Wohlgemuth (VIBÖ)


Secretary General:

Dipl.-Ing. Florian Matiasek              



Activity Reports


The annual Activity Report of the Austrian National Committee is available for download:


»        Activity Report 2005 (pdf, 97 KB)

»        Activity Report 2006 (pdf, 744 KB)

»        Activity Report 2007 (pdf, 298 KB)

»        Activity Report 2008 (pdf, 180 KB)

»        Activity Report 2009 (pdf, 499 KB)

»        Activity Report 2010 (pdf, 197 KB) 

»        Activity Report 2011 (pdf,136 KB) 

 »        Activity Report 2012 (pdf,184 KB) 

 »        Activity Report 2013 (pdf,256 KB) 

 »        Activity Report 2014 (pdf,175 KB) 

 »        Activity Report 2015 (pdf,236 KB)

 »        Activity Report 2016 (pdf,236 KB) 


Highlights of activities


European Snow Plough Championship 2022

The European Snow Plough Championship 2022 is organised by the Austrian PIARC Committee
for Winter Service (Österreichisches Komitee für Strassenerhaltung und Winterdienst) and
will be hosted from 11th until 13th October 2022 at the “NÖ Feuerwehr- und
Sicherheitszentrum” in Tulln, Lower Austria.

ASTRAD - The Austrian Road Congress

The ASTRAD - Symposium on Road Management and Winter Maintenance takes places every two years in Wels, Austria (2009, 2011, 2013 …). At this occasion more than 120 exhibitors welcome more than 1.500 professionals from the road management and road maintenance sector. The latest developments in equipment and technology for road operation and winter maintenance are presented at several technical sessions and in an exhibition area of 3000 sqm indoor and 5000 sqm outdoor at free admission for registered visitors. Thus the Symposium serves as primary forum orientated on operational level, where the industry und manufacturers meet the users of their appliances und applications. Research and development present their latest equipment, while users such as “road masters” and representatives from municipalities, provinces and local authorities can express their demands und wishes for the future. It is this exchange of opinions and knowledge that can be judged as an extraordinary fruitful one and that contributes to the high standards of development within the Central European industry in the sector of road maintenance. In the last years interest and popularity of the event has been growing steadily, and today even international participation is being achieved despite the forums orientation on the national level. 


The 13th ASTRAD – Symposium took place 9th and 10th September 2021.

The presentations are online.


Find more information at: http://www.astrad.at


Conferences on Tunneling and Ventilation in Graz

Austria has a long tradition in construction and operation of road and rail tunnels. Safety for users and accident response management have become important topics for existing and newly designed tunnels. The interaction of accident recognition, fire detection, operation and control of ventilation, rescue as well as maintaining the infrastructure in accidental situations have to be ensured. Following the successful tradition this international symposium offers again the possibility to exchange knowledge and to gain deeper insight into the newest developments in the fields mentioned below.


The focus is put on:


»        Digital image processing and data transfer (bus-technologies)

»        Tunnel operation

»        Tunnel ventilation design, emission factors

»        Fire fighting, rescue

»        Risk management, incident and fire detection

»        Sensoric, measurement and detection technologies


The conference takes places every two years (2008, 2010, 2012, …)


The 12th Symposium took place in April 2022. 


Detailled information (Programm, Call for Papers, Registration,…) is available here:  http://www.tunnel-graz.at


Meeting of the PIARC Executive Committee in Vienna

The PIARC Executive Committee and the Strategic Planning Commission met 7-9th May 2007 in Vienna. Final preparations of the Paris World Road Congress and the development of the new Strategic Plan of the association were discussed at length with the members of the Executive group and Strategic Plan Commission. This includes the composition of the Strategic Themes and the respective Technical Committees as well. After various consultations and the discussion during the year 2006 a new draft of the Strategic Plan was presented and discussed in Vienna in order to prepare a fi nal proposal to the Council at its meeting in September 2007 in Paris. PIARC National Committees have been involved at various stages in this process. The chairs of the PIARC Commissions on Communication, International Relations and Technological Exchange reported to the Executive Committee on the actual developments in their commissions.





Address: Karlsgasse 5, 1040 Wien, Austria

Telefon: +43 – 1 – 585 55 67

Telefax: +43 – 1 – 501 15 55

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